Cape Town Paragliding with Parapax

Every paragliding experience needs a great view! Parapax offers unforgetable tandem paragliding in Cape Town from spectacular sites. The 2 most popular tandem paragliding spots offering breathtaking views of Cape Town from the sky are from Signal Hill and Lion’s Head. They are both excellent paragliding launch sites, but we need the right wind direction and strengths to fly them.

Paragliding is one of the popular Cape Town Tourist Attractions; watching this adventurous sport from rather special Cape Town vantage points.

When we are flying in Cape Town, and unless we clearly specify otherwise, we ALWAYS meet under the first thorn tree, on the take-off site, at the parking place, at the VERY END OF SIGNAL HILL ROAD, (NOT at the Lions Head parking lot). Meet our friendly Parapax staff (look for our branded t-shirts) and they will prepare you for your tandem paragliding flight.

Signal Hill Paragliding Location Cape Town

Flying from Signal Hill is just a wonderful experience in Cape Town. A flight from Signal Hill offers a nice view of Cape Town, Table Mountain and the great Greenpoint stadium. Tandems flying from Signal Hill and landing on the Seapoint promenade.

Signal Hill is one of the worlds most scenic destinations to tandem paraglide from in Cape Town. Signal Hill is one of our main starting points to take off from. Our team of happy and experience pilots who bring you laughter, excitement and fun with their joyful presence are waiting for you to check in.

From the city of Cape Town, highways and waterfront, drive up towards the table mountain cable-car station. You get to a turning circle, called Kloof nek.

Opposite Tafelberg road ( where the Table Mountain road actually begins) is Signal Hill road. Drive ALL the way to the very end of Signal Hill road (3.8km from Kloofnek turning circle).

Easy to find and a 5- 10 minute drive from Table Mountain’s lower cable-car, Camps Bay / Clifton and the City of Capetown.

Prepare for your flight by bringing along:

  • Comfortable, closed running/walking shoes / Hiking boots (Takkies / trainers / joggers / sneakers), NOT Crocs, sandals, flip flops, flop flips!
  • Tshirt and Long sleeved jersey/ windstopper
  • Long or short pants
  • Sun-block and a hat (it’s often sunny and we don’t want you getting sunburned!)
  • Drinking Water

We look forward to Welcoming you aboard, soon!

Lion’s Head Paragliding Location Cape Town

Our pilots are of the most experienced in South Africa with 10 000+ flights each, so safety is always a priority. Once in the air, our happy passengers can relax and enjoy the beautiful Cape Town views. Unless you ask the Parapax paragliding pilot otherwise, the ride is gentle and the landing slow and soft.

We look forward to putting a smile on your face

Macassar Beach Paragliding Location Cape Town

Called Macassar Beach, but this unique and stunning flying site is actually in the Wolfgat Nature Reserve. It’s the place where seagulls fly on your wingtip, you see the dolphins at your feet and you couldn’t feel closer to nature! Starting right from the beach we soar long, progressively higher and over dunes. This is False Bay at its best!

We look forward to showing you why we love flying as much as we do!

Paragliding in Cape Town with PARAPAX; The original paragliding company in Africa.

Click Here for Directions to Parapax Tandem Paragliding Cape Town

Address: Drive all the way to the very end of Signal Hill Rd, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

Parapax Tandem Paragliding Flights meeting point location:

GPS Coordinates: 33°55’03.7″S 18°24’08.5″E – KML
Longitude: -33.917683 Latitude: 18.402360
Contact: Stef on +27 (0) 82 881 4724


Tandem Paragliding in Cape Town – We look forward to flying with you.